Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some History

[Draft] [More details to follow]

In 1975 Keith Sonnier submitted a preliminary request to NASA to do an interactive transmission between artists via the CTS public satellite, coast to coast.

In 1976 he asked Liza Béar to coproduce this project with him. They travelled to Washington DC to attend workshops, crack the bureaucratic code and learn the NASA lingo.

They had to persuade NASA to schedule time on the CTS satellite, which was designed for public use, and to send a portable earth station or satellite truck to the Battery
City Park Landfill.

They also travelled to San Francisco to visit Brad Gibbs at Ames Research Center, a permanent earth station, and to meet artists who would participate in the transmission. These included Margaret Fisher, Terry Fox, Sharon Grace, Carl Loeffler and Alan Scarritt. [move names to next post]

Video artist Sharon Grace became the West Coast coordinator for the project.

Phase II: Split Screen

September 11, 1977--Dancer Nancy Lewis, left, at the Battery City Park Landfill, New York, interacting via CTS satellite with dancer Margaret Fisher in San Francisco. Photo: Gwenn Thomas.